Marcel Sabitzer receives his honorary TOTY in FUT Ultimate Team

Marcel Sabitzer receives his honorary TOTY in FUT Ultimate Team

Marcel Sabitzer has today joined the list of players who have received their honorary TOTY this week. The card will be available via SBC until February 7 and has quite interesting statistics that are worthy of analysis, since they could help your team a lot if you manage to acquire it.

Sabitzer is a versatile midfielder who delivers on offense and defense. He stands out for his pace, with about 81 acceleration points and 88 sprint points. Quite high attributes for an offensive midfielder.

Also, if you use Shadow chemistry, Sabitzer TOTY is able to border on perfection in these attributes, becoming one of the fastest midfielders in the entire game.

His dribbling is nothing but decent. Although he has 85 points, Sabitzer only has 3 skillful movement stars and only has 80 agility points, so he cannot be considered a great dribbler.

This RB Leipzig player is an excellent assistant.

His ability to pass the ball is excellent. He has 89 short passing points and vision, which makes him lose very few balls in the offensive phase. Also, he is an excellent player to start the plays and throw that pass between the lines that he creates that chance of scoring.

Another skill to highlight is his very good defensive ability. He has 77 interception points, 82 intelligence points, 80 steal points and 71 entry points, quite good for a midfielder, especially when you factor in his speed.

You can count on Sabitzer both to steal the ball and create scoring chances, that is his greatest virtue and what makes him so valuable on the field.

Sabitzer is an excellent finisher.

This player has four bad leg stars, so he won’t have a problem shooting his left leg. In addition, he has 93 shot points, 93 long shot points and 86 finishing points.

These numbers will allow Marcel Sabitzer to take advantage of the majority of occasions when he is alone in front of the goalkeeper. In addition, he is a great threat to the defense because of his long shots, so they will have to defend him intensely, giving the other players more space to move.

To complement the rest of the attributes, Sabitzer TOTY also has 82 points of strength and an acceptable 1.78 meters in height that will allow it to get in the way in aerial duels in the middle of the field.

In conclusion, Sabitzer’s TOTY card is quite reliable and he can be a great option for those who do not have a high-level offensive midfielder, especially those who want to play on the counter and take advantage of his great speed.

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FUT 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.