Energy-Smart Adventures: Unleashing Fun and Conservation with Energy Efficient Hobbies

Energy-Smart Adventures: Unleashing Fun and Conservation with Energy Efficient Hobbies

If you’re looking for a new hob that will suit your kitchen perfectly, then look no further. With a range of different designs and sizes, there is something to fit every home.

Gas hobs are traditional and affordable, while electric solid plate models have clever features like residual heat indicators that let you know which zones have recently been used and are hot to touch.

Automatic pan recognition

Some hobs come with sensors that detect when you’ve placed a pan on the cooking zone. This will automatically switch the zone off, meaning no energy is being wasted on a hot surface that doesn’t require heat. This feature is available on most induction and ceramic hobs.

Induction hobs heat your pots and pans directly via inductors beneath the glass surface, with no energy being wasted by heating the cooking area or the air around it (as happens with gas stove tops). This allows you to control the precise temperature, which can be especially useful when boiling water, making a roux or simmering food.

Many of these hobs also have a boost setting, similar to an ultra-rapid burner, which generates high heat quickly. This is perfect for wok cooking or searing meat.

Some models are also equipped with a ‘flexi zone’, which lets you merge two induction zones into one larger ring to accommodate pans of varying sizes. This function is available on most Bosch induction hobs, which can help you cook like a pro and save energy at the same time! All these features add up to a hob with an incredibly sleek and streamlined facade that’s easy to clean. You can even find one with brushed steel trim or frameless design to co-ordinate with your kitchen appliances and decor.

Effortless cleaning surface

A hob is one of the most visible appliances in a kitchen, so it’s crucial that they look stylish and sleek. PJH offers a wide range of hobs in different colours and designs to complement any kitchen. Our collection includes gas-on-glass, induction and venting models. We also have a selection of cooker hoods in downdraft, island and angled styles. All of these offer energy efficiency, with a quiet 56dB sound level.

Induction hobs use electromagnetic induction to heat a flat ceramic cooking surface when a pan is placed on it. This means less heat is lost to the surrounding area and so they are a more efficient choice than gas or ceramic.

Some electric hobs are powered by renewable energy, meaning they can help to reduce your energy bills even further. These models can also be a good choice for homeowners concerned about their impact on the environment.

If you want to make your kitchen even more energy efficient, try choosing a model with an integrated extractor. This means you can install your hob anywhere in the kitchen, including an island, without having to add an additional extractor fan. This allows you to get the most out of your kitchen space and is ideal for larger kitchens.

Space conscious design

Hobs with integrated hoods are becoming increasingly popular and provide a sleek solution that integrates the extraction function directly into your hob. These hoods offer a highly competitive extraction flow rate and refined aesthetic, in keeping with contemporary kitchen styles, and also help reduce noise levels compared to traditional extractor hood systems.

While venting hobs and built-in range hoods both remove smoke, steam and cooking odors, they function quite differently. The main difference lies in the location of each appliance in your kitchen and how they operate.

A venting hob incorporates a ventilation system into the cooktop itself, designed to suck smoke, steam and cooking odors down through the surface of the hob, where they are expelled straight outside without any air recirculation. This helps keep your home smelling fresher for longer but can result in reduced suction around the perimeter of the kitchen.

A built-in range hood sits above your stove and offers wide perimeter suction. It’s a powerful and effective option that can be used bep tu munchen with gas and electric hobs and is suitable for homes that have enough ceiling space to accommodate it. Hauslane’s built-in hoods come in a range of sizes and styles and are easy to maintain.