The Wildest Thing About Crystal Head Vodka Shouldn't be

The Wildest Thing About Crystal Head Vodka Shouldn’t be

Crystal Head Vodka was not only created by a celebrity but can also be a favorite of rock legend Keith Richards and actor Johnny Depp. Owned by Hollywood actor Dan Aykroyd and celebrated artist John Alexander, it’s been presented gold medals using the san Francisco world spirits competition and PRODEXPO, the place it was pitted head-to-head against four hundred other vodkas in Russia. The spirit has additionally been a winner at the highly respected and world-renowned San Francisco World Spirit Competition-not as soon as, however, twice. The process begins with the highest high-quality peaches and cream corn, distilled right into a neutral grain spirit. The quadruple distilled spirit is then blended with the pristine water of Newfoundland, Canada.

It goes thru 4 distillation methods and is then filtered seven times, the last 3 times by these Herkimer diamonds. Lastly, the vodka is filtered on seven occasions, of which three passes are by semi-treasured quartz crystals, often called Herkimer diamonds. New Age perception systems profess that quartz crystals emit optimistic energy and are known to have properties that promote human healing and wellbeing. Crystal Head Vodka has a distinct presentation, having a human skull-shaped bottle of vodka. Corn of the best quality and water of the best purity from Newfoundland, Canada, is used to make Crystal Head Vodka. All gadgets should be paid for simultaneously to obtain the combined shipping price, so simply send me a message when you are carried out outbidding, and I will send a closing bill for all of your gadgets that you’ve won.

You must keep in mind that at the moment in our lives, we don’t think vodka is all that exciting. But what will we bartenders think about it? It is designed by the American artist John Alexander. Crystal Head vodka is made from Canadian corn and glacial meltwater from around the island of St John in Newfoundland, an entire lot of miles from the closest major conurbation. By using premium components and avoiding any synthetic enhancers, Crystal Head ensures the purity and richness of liquor in each bottle. Just some years after the discharge of the crystal vodka bottle into the marketplace, it noticed its first band in Ontario. However, once we noticed the skull glistening in opposition to the halogen lamps of a convention center, vodka out of the blue became thrilling again for us.